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Making natron ??

Okay, natron is a naturally occurring substance found in Wadi Al Natrun. Mostly used in ancient Egypt for embalming (it’s a powerful desiccant – i.e. it dries), cleansing, ritual purity and various magical purposes. It’s a salt with a unique … Continue reading

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Ritual purity – a compendium of instructions

This is a post subject to revising, editing and adding in the future, as I will be combing through all my books, notes and other resources, in order to compile as much information as possible on ritual purity instructions and … Continue reading

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Reed Pens

I’ve got this reed pen set not so long ago from the amazing craftswoman and artist Carolina Gonzalez. So of course I just had to give them ago. My inner scribe was itching to get started with sketches and trying … Continue reading

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Consecrating The Spear of Seth and experimenting with Bdellium

Yesterday I finally managed to consecrate The Spear for magical use. It’s Seth’s Spear. It’s a sacred instrument of the Art, quite different from the more commonly used ones such as wands, chalices or various blades.  It’s a physical rendering … Continue reading

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The Stuff and Library Magicians

(A repost from my old blog, I just felt it had to be here as well.) This is a post inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend over on Facebook when I had this status update posted: … Continue reading

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I have a story to tell

And it’s the story of myself and books. I’m one of those. A bookworm. I love books to the point I smell every book I get my paws on. It smells of treasure! Hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom patiently … Continue reading

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The Dreamer’s Diary (10.04.2012) – The Graveyard

I visit the Graveyard often. Not by choice, although I’d love to condition myself to. It’s on a meandering hill, flanked by a dark, thick forest and a small village. It kind of reminds me of the one in the … Continue reading

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Not Everything in Magic is Pleasing to the Senses

  Not everything in magic is pleasing to the senses, nor does it have to be exotic or cost a fortune. – this would have been a complete and accurate title for this post. Let me expand: 1. Not everything in … Continue reading

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Sacred Scents: on the alchemy of scent in Heka and worshipping the Gods

I’ve touched this subject only briefly before and thought it’s high time to expand on it. Scent and perfume is of primary importance in the art of Heka and worshipping the Egyptian Deities. It is said the the Gods themselves … Continue reading

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Heka – Ancient Egyptian Magic (a short introduction)

‘To me belonged the Universe before You Gods had come into being. You have come afterwards because I am Heka’ [1] ‘I am one with Atum when he still floated alone in Nun, the waters of chaos, before any of His strength … Continue reading

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