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Ritual Eye Make-up

Tomb paintings, statues, documents and various artefacts such as kohl tubes, unguent jars and a myriad of make-up containers attest to the widespread use of cosmetics and make-up in Ancient Egypt. Whole chapters and books (especially Lise Manniche’s Sacred Luxuries, … Continue reading

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The Monday Quote

“Throughout their history, the Egyptians themselves attributed the origin of their writing system to the gods. This divine source is seen in the very name which the script was accorded: medu netcher: ‘the words of the gods’ or ‘divine words’. … Continue reading

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Reading the Spanish Baraja – a 46 page e-book, complete with illustrations by Carolina Gonzalez

For those who don’t know who this amazing lady is: Carolina Gonzalez is a veteran Tarot reader, spiritual practitioner and artist from the Canary Islands. Her website is here: I must say I’ve read this e-book twice. Not just … Continue reading

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Life flows, change comes and goes

Dear lovely readers, I have been on a sort of online break for a while, to tend to those closest to me. They needed me as much as I needed them. There is something very comforting in the presence of … Continue reading

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Shout Out

Shout out to my friends with scholarly inclinations: I’m doing some research and I’m looking for some resources on nome cults, that is specific temples (shrines, priesthood, etc.) at specific nomes/cult centres. If there’s any mention on rivalries between nomes … Continue reading

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Priests of Sekhmet as Healers

The other day I stumbled upon this little paragraph in Ritner’s Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice and I just have to share it because many people think of Sekhmet  solely as a destroyer, completely disregarding Her role as a … Continue reading

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In thanks. SO happy right now!

Ever since last year I’ve been trying to find an affordable copy of the book ‘The Anubieion at Saqqara vol. I – The Settlement and the Temple Precinct’, a survey of the site by D.G Jeffreys and H.S. Smith. A … Continue reading

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