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Live in Ma’at. Oppose Isfet

For many Kemetics (if not most) these two concepts have a particular importance on many levels. Living and sustaining Ma’at is a basic religious and moral precept. Ma’at encompasses (but is not necessarily restricted to) the ethical concepts of ‘cosmic … Continue reading

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Kemetic Round Table: Gods and communication

[This is a KRT catch-up post] ‘Gods and communication’ is and extremely personal topic in my humble opinion, as in how one person communicates with the gods (and how the gods choose to communicate with that person) is unique and very … Continue reading

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There grows no wheat where there is no grain.

My dear lovelies, Time and again I find a recurring tendency to either be asked directly or to come across the discussion about people who seem to be more ‘successful’ in their spiritual lives/magical practices than others. There’s always a … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Work Heka?

That is only part of the question. The full question would be more on the lines of ‘Can anyone work heka, regardless of their spiritual beliefs/religion?’ This of course, leads to even more questions such as: ‘Can I work with … Continue reading

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The Monday Quote

“Throughout their history, the Egyptians themselves attributed the origin of their writing system to the gods. This divine source is seen in the very name which the script was accorded: medu netcher: ‘the words of the gods’ or ‘divine words’. … Continue reading

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A Ray of Light…

…in an increasingly dark place. I’ve been away from the online world for quite some time, life duties prevented me from keeping up with the latest happenings. Upon my return I’ve come across a handful of people speaking out against … Continue reading

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Protected: A Matter of Respect and Kindness

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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