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Can Anyone Work Heka?

That is only part of the question. The full question would be more on the lines of ‘Can anyone work heka, regardless of their spiritual beliefs/religion?’ This of course, leads to even more questions such as: ‘Can I work with … Continue reading

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Protected: A Matter of Respect and Kindness

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Priests of Sekhmet as Healers

The other day I stumbled upon this little paragraph in Ritner’s Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice and I just have to share it because many people think of Sekhmet ┬ásolely as a destroyer, completely disregarding Her role as a … Continue reading

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Sacred Scents – Addendum (I)

‘ Burning and offering incense was a means of communication between the earthly and divine spheres. Thus it would also serve as a link between the deceased king and the deities in whose company he was believed to travel across … Continue reading

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Lamp Divination/Scrying

What is it? Scrying and divination by the means of an oil lamp is an ancient practice employed by Magicians in ancient Egypt; references and techniques on this practice can be found in many ancient texts – some as far … Continue reading

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A Quote

‘The tendency to treat funerary texts such as The Book of the Dead as the basis for initiation rites also has ancient precedents. One modern manual of ‘practical’ Egyptian magic recommends its readers to ignore scholarly translations of The Book … Continue reading

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Words of Power for Offering Incense to the Netjer

┬áThe offering of incense to the Gods in daily devotionals is a major part in quite a few Pagan paths, even more so for Egyptian Pagan paths, as incense offerings were made on a daily basis in ancient Egypt and … Continue reading

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