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Ritual Eye Make-up

Tomb paintings, statues, documents and various artefacts such as kohl tubes, unguent jars and a myriad of make-up containers attest to the widespread use of cosmetics and make-up in Ancient Egypt. Whole chapters and books (especially Lise Manniche’s Sacred Luxuries, … Continue reading

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The Key and the Gateway

  Finally found the right Key for my ‘Gateway’. And what a team they make!

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Skeleton Keys

This is an old blog post of mine which I think deserves re-posting. It has also been turned into an Youtube video by a friend of mine, CricketSong from Lunar Wisdom (with my permission, of course).  Let’s analyse this often over-looked magical … Continue reading

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Appreciating handmade

We live in a world of consumerism. In a world where people will buy something which they don’t need just because ‘it’s hip’ and ‘everyone else has it!’. A world where people throw away good clothes to buy new ones, … Continue reading

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Preparing for celebration and ritual

Hello my lovelies! Seems I haven’t written on here in ages and I do apologize. I’ve been caught up in so much this past week and I’ve had very little spare time. This June there are two events coming up, … Continue reading

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Reconstructing and Adapting Rituals

I’ve been asked a few times for advice on how to reconstruct ancient Egyptian rituals for various purposes. My answer has been the same, somewhere along the lines of ‘I’m not going to tell you do this or that, but … Continue reading

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Reed Pens

I’ve got this reed pen set not so long ago from the amazing craftswoman and artist Carolina Gonzalez. So of course I just had to give them ago. My inner scribe was itching to get started with sketches and trying … Continue reading

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