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The Monday Quote

“Throughout their history, the Egyptians themselves attributed the origin of their writing system to the gods. This divine source is seen in the very name which the script was accorded: medu netcher: ‘the words of the gods’ or ‘divine words’. … Continue reading

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Prayer to Lord Thoth

This is something I stumbled upon during my readings (currently into The Penguin Book of Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, which I must say is a really good book) and which has been posted on my Tumblr; however I … Continue reading

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Unverified Personal Gnosis and Personal Truth

I wasn’t going to write this post today. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d write it at all. I assume you all know what ‘unverified personal gnosis’ (upg) is so I’m not going to bore you with the explanation. When … Continue reading

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