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Making natron ??

Okay, natron is a naturally occurring substance found in Wadi Al Natrun. Mostly used in ancient Egypt for embalming (it’s a powerful desiccant – i.e. it dries), cleansing, ritual purity and various magical purposes. It’s a salt with a unique … Continue reading

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Ritual purity – a compendium of instructions

This is a post subject to revising, editing and adding in the future, as I will be combing through all my books, notes and other resources, in order to compile as much information as possible on ritual purity instructions and … Continue reading

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Reed Pens

I’ve got this reed pen set not so long ago from the amazing craftswoman and artist Carolina Gonzalez. So of course I just had to give them ago. My inner scribe was itching to get started with sketches and trying … Continue reading

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Consecrating The Spear of Seth and experimenting with Bdellium

Yesterday I finally managed to consecrate The Spear for magical use. It’s Seth’s Spear. It’s a sacred instrument of the Art, quite different from the more commonly used ones such as wands, chalices or various blades. ┬áIt’s a physical rendering … Continue reading

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The Stuff and Library Magicians

(A repost from my old blog, I just felt it had to be here as well.) This is a post inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend over on Facebook when I had this status update posted: … Continue reading

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I have a story to tell

And it’s the story of myself and books. I’m one of those. A bookworm. I love books to the point I smell every book I get my paws on. It smells of treasure! Hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom patiently … Continue reading

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The Dreamer’s Diary (10.04.2012) – The Graveyard

I visit the Graveyard often. Not by choice, although I’d love to condition myself to. It’s on a meandering hill, flanked by a dark, thick forest and a small village. It kind of reminds me of the one in the … Continue reading

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