Reed Pens

I’ve got this reed pen set not so long ago from the amazing craftswoman and artist Carolina Gonzalez.

So of course I just had to give them ago. My inner scribe was itching to get started with sketches and trying out some new calligraphy…

Following up my obsession with the lotus flower I've sketched a lotus flower bouquet and a lotus flower mandala, both based on ancient Egyptian designs. It's the first sketch so it's not perfect but it has great potential for perfecting and use.

First impression was cemented with every stroke of the reed pen: what I love the most is how they keep the ink in: you can actually write a whole sentence without having to dip in ink after every 2-3 letters or so (as it happens with metal nibs or feather quills) thus the frustration of repeated ink-dipping is gone! Only two dips were required to finish the mandala sketch so yes, I’m very very happy😀

Free hand calligraphy, no cheats using lined paper underneath or anything of the like, simply wanted to test the raw outcome on the thin reed pen. The possibilities of lettering are endless and if you do the switch-a-roo and turn the pen, the writing gets even finer!

I've used black calligraphy ink this time around. Within the next few days I'll be making Typhonian ink for magical uses (which is red) and hope to show off some results with that soon. The smoothness of writing with these in plain calligraphy ink is quite amazing!

If you want a set for yourself, this is where you can find them – in Carolina’s awesome Etsy shop! Woohoo😀

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5 Responses to Reed Pens

  1. Sashataakheru says:

    Wow, those are lovely. If I wasn’t so strapped for cash right now, I’d buy a set myself. I’d enjoy playing around with them.

    • Yes, they’re simply exquisite. I’ll be working on a perfected lotus mandala sketch and when I get some more money get green and blue calligraphy ink to finish it up in colour. Planning to get another set myself to work with them on clay and beeswax plates. Luckily she’ll be stocking these for a while from what I know😉

      • Sashataakheru says:

        That sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing the finished mandala.:) I’ll have to set some money aside and see if I can’t get some pens for myself then, if they’re going to be around for a while.

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  3. Senka says:

    Wow! Gorgeous. I love using ink and pens (I never tried a reed pen though, would love to!) Sigils really interest me.:)

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