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In the past week I’ve been drowning in work and research. In between healing workings for a friend, tarot, altar cleanse, crystal cleansing and charging (taking advantage of the sunlight while I still can) and the usual daily devotionals and … Continue reading

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Words of Power for Offering Incense to the Netjer

 The offering of incense to the Gods in daily devotionals is a major part in quite a few Pagan paths, even more so for Egyptian Pagan paths, as incense offerings were made on a daily basis in ancient Egypt and … Continue reading

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Not everything is meant for sharing

I’d like to begin by stating I have absolutely nothing against sharing knowledge, thoughts, experiences and such. I write a blog and participate in various discussions for the sole purpose of sharing. However, when it comes to one’s spirituality not … Continue reading

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When stuff’s not working as it should…

Try fix it. And if that’s not working either, take a break! At least in this case. Let me explain: For the past two days I have been having problems with my gmail and now my Facebook as well. With … Continue reading

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Prayer to Lord Anubis

Beloved and most respected Lord of the Earth, Strict Gatekeeper of the Duat, Lord of the Cavern in the Sacred Land, the Foremost of the Two Lands! Protect me in my travels as You protect those who pass into the … Continue reading

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