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Lamp Divination/Scrying

What is it? Scrying and divination by the means of an oil lamp is an ancient practice employed by Magicians in ancient Egypt; references and techniques on this practice can be found in many ancient texts – some as far … Continue reading

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Spiritual Bathing

I’ve finally got around to making my spiritual bathing sachets and it seems things are coming together as the tides seem right for cleansing, blessing and de-cluttering. I say that because a fellow blogger  casually mentioned on Twitter how she’s … Continue reading

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On Offerings

Despite my efforts to stay away from various pagan forums due to the fact I tend to get angry at the utter bullshit some people can spew (I’m talking the ‘X Deity got me pregnant type of bullshit’, etc.), after … Continue reading

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On the hunt

  I’ve had a lot going on in the past few days and I’ve retreated to study a while. I’m on the hunt you see. On the hunt for a few very specific things which have been requested by Anubis … Continue reading

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