On Offerings

Despite my efforts to stay away from various pagan forums due to the fact I tend to get angry at the utter bullshit some people can spew (I’m talking the ‘X Deity got me pregnant type of bullshit’, etc.), after reading a fellow blogger’s post (about the utter bullshit some people spew on forums) I decided to take a look on a certain forum.

Leaving the nastiness behind, I’ve come across a question asked by quite a few people, a question that has only been vaguely answered, which is along the lines of ‘What offering to make to Deity *insert name of Egyptian Deity here*.

When you don’t know what offering to make, go with the obvious – what you find in most texts and what you see in most ancient artwork: beer, wine, water, bread (of various kinds), flowers and meats. You can’t go wrong with that, especially when you first approach an Egyptian Deity, because these are offerings appropriate for Them par excellence.

And, as time passes and you develop a more personal relationship with that Deity, your studies and a bit of good old UPG will take you a long way. When Deities want a specific offering from you, They will tell you. And of course, there might be instances when you will be asked to do something in Their name, as an offering. (personal example, Thoth has asked me to write various things on many occasions. And when He says ‘Write’, I write.)

And also, there will be times when They’ll ask for something like Pepsi. (yes, I was surprised too, until I found this: The Great Netjer Soda Guide  which made me realize it’s really not that strange or unheard of.:)

But as for the first approach/encounter when you’re not sure what to offer, the traditional ancient offerings are very appropriate! As the relationship evolves, you will find out His/Her likes and dislikes.

They liked these sweet pastries:)

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4 Responses to On Offerings

  1. Senka says:

    Great advice! I feel bread, water and flowers are overlooked to much. I mean most egyptians wouldn’t have been able to afford expensive goodies and wine (let alone chocolate and fizzy drinks being around) Bread was such a blessing to have!:)

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