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Understanding Egyptian Mythology

At first glance, Egyptian mythology seems almost impossible to tackle. There’s a myriad of creation myths, legends and tales – some which complement or contradict each other. Then there’s the various mythology of different periods (for example Old Kingdom vs. … Continue reading

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Prayer to Lord Thoth

This is something I stumbled upon during my readings (currently into The Penguin Book of Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, which I must say is a really good book) and which has been posted on my Tumblr; however I … Continue reading

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The Dreamer’s Diary – The Library and the Book of Serpents

The Library is old. Very old. Ancient actually. But it keeps being built. I was in the older halls this time, with tomes and scrolls neatly stacked up against the walls,  on shelves and on tables. One particular tome once … Continue reading

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Appreciating handmade

We live in a world of consumerism. In a world where people will buy something which they don’t need just because ‘it’s hip’ and ‘everyone else has it!’. A world where people throw away good clothes to buy new ones, … Continue reading

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So much has happened over the past week and I’m not quite sure what to begin with. There’s been a lot of devotional work, burning incense, presenting offerings and communing with the Divine. (I didn’t know why the pull to … Continue reading

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