Prayer to Lord Thoth

This is something I stumbled upon during my readings (currently into The Penguin Book of Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, which I must say is a really good book) and which has been posted on my Tumblr; however I feel it should have its own place on my blog as I’m not quite into Tumblr (I got used to it quite easily but there’s something about the atmosphere there which doesn’t sit well with me at all).

“Come to me, Thoth, O noble Ibis…
Come to me and give me counsel,
Make me skilful in your calling;
Better is your calling than all callings,
It makes [men] great…”

New Kingdom prayer addressed to Thoth.

Found in ‘The Penguin Book of Myths and Legends of ancient Egypt’ by Joyce Tyldesley

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8 Responses to Prayer to Lord Thoth

  1. Setken says:

    I just got this book for my birthday! Indeed it is agreat!

    And I love the Djehuty prayer that you have posted here too.

  2. Aine Rayne says:

    Oh that looks like a new must have :3 any prayers and stuff to other deities in there?

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