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Important Update

Dear friends and readers, As you may know, many of you were able to find me on that massive social media site which I won’t even bother to name. I have tried to log in earlier but I was denied … Continue reading

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Heka for the New Year. Part 2 – Bless, Protect and Appease

Now that your home has been given a good cleanse it is ready for blessings and protection. There’s a number of things which you can do (depending on preferences and circumstances) which you can do to bless your home and … Continue reading

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What’s always there

For this month’s Kemetic Round Table, we’re talking about working with heka – how we  work with it, how we can utilize it more in our day to day lives and what tips we may have for others to get … Continue reading

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The Monday Quote

This is a short one, and it comes from the Teachings for Merikare (Middle Kingdom). There’s actually two translated versions that I’ve got written down. The first one I could not tell you for the life of me where I … Continue reading

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Heka for the New Year. Part 1 – Cleanse and Purify

A new year is upon us and it’s in the spirit of the season to look forward to new things, be more hopeful, make resolutions (and stick with them!) and begin new projects. It’s a good time to lay the … Continue reading

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(Un)finished Projects

Normally I don’t pay a lot of attention to the deluge of memes, inspirational quotes and others as such which sometimes drown one’s feed on various social media platforms these days. There’s simply too many of them and I only … Continue reading

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For this month’s Round Table, we’re discussing what parts of being Kemetic we enjoy the most and how it has enriched our lives. I had to give this some thought because I’ve realized I found it extremely hard to put all … Continue reading

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