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Heka for the New Year. Part 1 – Cleanse and Purify

A new year is upon us and it’s in the spirit of the season to look forward to new things, be more hopeful, make resolutions (and stick with them!) and begin new projects. It’s a good time to lay the … Continue reading

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Sacred Scents – Addendum (I)

‘ Burning and offering incense was a means of communication between the earthly and divine spheres. Thus it would also serve as a link between the deceased king and the deities in whose company he was believed to travel across … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Bits and Bobs

I have tried to upload the same picture about 5 times. I failed. Either I pressed ‘backspace’ by accident or had trouble uploading. I’m taking this as a ‘You’re not supposed to share this’ so I’m not going to try … Continue reading

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Consecrating The Spear of Seth and experimenting with Bdellium

Yesterday I finally managed to consecrate The Spear for magical use. It’s Seth’s Spear. It’s a sacred instrument of the Art, quite different from the more commonly used ones such as wands, chalices or various blades.  It’s a physical rendering … Continue reading

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