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Heka: Magical Drawings – Part Three

Illustrations and drawings: A. Explanatory drawings/instructions in magical papyri: This category is pretty self-explanatory. There are hardly any magical  texts without any kind of drawings – some which show exactly the image(s) to be used to ritual. Some even have … Continue reading

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Ritual Eye Make-up

Tomb paintings, statues, documents and various artefacts such as kohl tubes, unguent jars and a myriad of make-up containers attest to the widespread use of cosmetics and make-up in Ancient Egypt. Whole chapters and books (especially Lise Manniche’s Sacred Luxuries, … Continue reading

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Lamp Divination/Scrying

What is it? Scrying and divination by the means of an oil lamp is an ancient practice employed by Magicians in ancient Egypt; references and techniques on this practice can be found in many ancient texts – some as far … Continue reading

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Spiritual Bathing

I’ve finally got around to making my spiritual bathing sachets and it seems things are coming together as the tides seem right for cleansing, blessing and de-cluttering. I say that because a fellow blogger  casually mentioned on Twitter how she’s … Continue reading

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Making natron ??

Okay, natron is a naturally occurring substance found in Wadi Al Natrun. Mostly used in ancient Egypt for embalming (it’s a powerful desiccant – i.e. it dries), cleansing, ritual purity and various magical purposes. It’s a salt with a unique … Continue reading

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Ritual purity – a compendium of instructions

This is a post subject to revising, editing and adding in the future, as I will be combing through all my books, notes and other resources, in order to compile as much information as possible on ritual purity instructions and … Continue reading

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Sacred Scents: on the alchemy of scent in Heka and worshipping the Gods

I’ve touched this subject only briefly before and thought it’s high time to expand on it. Scent and perfume is of primary importance in the art of Heka and worshipping the Egyptian Deities. It is said the the Gods themselves … Continue reading

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