Disclaimers, Notices, FAQs


All published posts, articles, images and artwork are copyright to the author – Kallista Silverheart, unless stated otherwise (i.e. free license images used for exemplification purposes only, or images/artwork/articles republished with permission from the original authors – in which case they will ALWAYS have the source clearly mentioned and backlinked). You may not reproduce, redistribute (partly or entirely) ANY of the aforementioned without written permission from me. However you may share links to articles and images freely (and with my gratitude!). Please keep in mind Fair Use does not allow you to simply copy and paste everything and make it yours ;) Fair Use is generally limited to quotes, excerpts and such which pertain to your material directly – might be a good idea to research Fair Use and Copyright before you copy and paste anything from not just me, but from any author or artist.

Book recommendations, shop recommendations, product recommendations, etc:

When I recommend something – from books to products to artwork and everything in between – it’s because I enjoyed it, found it useful or enjoyable or I trust and have the highest respect for that person/business and not because I got paid for it. I have not and never will recommend something I have never tried or I don’t trust in exchange for any fee. I can’t recommend or review a book I have never read or say something along the lines ‘This product is SO amazing, I can’t have enough of it’ if I have never even used the product or I have used it and it turned out to be not so great. And keep in mind even if I recommend an author’s book that doesn’t mean I’d have a very different idea of another one by the same author. Let’s admit it, not every piece is great (and I admit I have my bad days too!). Furthermore, my opinions are purely subjective and please keep that in mind. You’re free to disagree of course (this isn’t even an issue!) but for the love of the Gods PLEASE if you start a debate do so politely, without being rude, obnoxious, or a troll. No one likes trolls, not even other trolls. We’re all here to learn and grow.

Comment Posting Etiquette:

The rules are exactly the same as they were on my old blog:

1. It’s common courtesy to actually read the post before leaving a comment. I mean the comments are supposed to have to do with the topic on hand, unless you’re a first time commenter and just want to say hi.

2. Being rude/obnoxious/sarcastic or flaming either another commenter or the author (i.e. myself) will only get you deleted and forgotten. You may disagree all you like but be civil. When you come on this blog to insult other ¬†folks or myself it’s like coming into my house to start an argument with me or a guest of mine. And that leads to you being kicked out. It’s as simple as that.

3. If you find my beliefs in opposition to yours, you can still be civil about it. ‘Look, I understand you believe different but in my faith/religion/belief things are such…’ is civil. ‘You’ll go to hell because you worship another God than me’ is not. And don’t insult my Gods either. I don’t insult yours.

4. Don’t come here to advertise your shops and services. This blog is for learning and discussing, not advertising. There are plenty of social media outlets where you can easily advertise. Advertising unless someone asks you if you have a shop or provide spiritual services will be considered spam and therefore deleted and blocked. It’s perfectly okay if you leave a link to your site/shop/blog on the comment form where it’s supposed to be but it’s not okay to leave a comment such as ‘See my super duper awesome shop at http://www.fantastic-amazing-magic-things.com for all your magical needs’.

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