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Sacred Scents – Addendum (I)

‘ Burning and offering incense was a means of communication between the earthly and divine spheres. Thus it would also serve as a link between the deceased king and the deities in whose company he was believed to travel across … Continue reading

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A Three Day Cleanse

Since I’m doing a proper three day cleanse (which comes at a much needed time), I thought I should share with you all how I do it. I usually do this cleanse three times a year, although there have been … Continue reading

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Words of Power for Offering Incense to the Netjer

 The offering of incense to the Gods in daily devotionals is a major part in quite a few Pagan paths, even more so for Egyptian Pagan paths, as incense offerings were made on a daily basis in ancient Egypt and … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Bits and Bobs

I have tried to upload the same picture about 5 times. I failed. Either I pressed ‘backspace’ by accident or had trouble uploading. I’m taking this as a ‘You’re not supposed to share this’ so I’m not going to try … Continue reading

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Consecrating The Spear of Seth and experimenting with Bdellium

Yesterday I finally managed to consecrate The Spear for magical use. It’s Seth’s Spear. It’s a sacred instrument of the Art, quite different from the more commonly used ones such as wands, chalices or various blades.  It’s a physical rendering … Continue reading

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